Recruiting For Your Startup: Hiring your first employees By Shamim Walusimbi Nsubuga

Ever wondered how to grow your business and scale it? Join us for this episode of SNCT Talks were we are going to be speaking to Shamim Walusimbi, a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

About The Speaker

Shamim has recruited and placed thousands of highly skilled and qualified candidates in a variety of organisations within her employment in two of the leading recruitment agencies in Uganda. She is currently making an impact as the recruitment manager, Q Sourcing Servtec. She also serves as a member of the governing council in the Human Resource Managers Association of Uganda (HRMAU).

Shamim is going to walk you through the challenges in recruiting for your startup and show you how to overcome them.

What You Will Learn

  1. What is the first role that needs filling in your company?
  2. Hiring vs Outsourcing? What tasks can you outsource at first?
  3. Why hiring will make you successful

3 thoughts on “Recruiting For Your Startup: Hiring your first employees By Shamim Walusimbi Nsubuga”

  1. Very educative talks,Im a university graduate from Tanzania. Your newsletters have been very helpful for me as a youth with an ambition to succeed as an enterprenuer. Im very excited to hear more of these talks..

    1. Indeed it has been Avery thoughtful discussion and l have learnt a lot.thank u snct marketing and this information is going to help me a lot because am a first time recruiter and my area of recruitment is in sales and marketing

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